Our Team

Drs. Mark & Chris Stevens


For over 27 years Dr. Mark and Dr. Chris have been practicing here in South Florida.
They both graduated from the Auburn University College of Veterinary Medicine. They moved to South Florida after graduation, were married, and have been practicing in Broward county ever since. Dr. Mark has always had a passion for surgery and has exceptional surgical skills. Dr. Chris has extensive internal medical knowledge and also enjoys dermatology and ophthalmology. They had always dreamed of opening a practice together one day. That dream came true on February 1st, 2016 when they opened their doors in the beautiful city of Lighthouse Point, Florida.

Always striving to ensure that their clients and their animals get the best possible care.
Dr.'s Mark and Chris compliment each other and work very well together in this family practice. They have two wonderful children, Kyle & Danielle, 3 dogs (Maggie, Maverick, and Simone), 3 cats (Toby, Oreo and Cookie) and one adorable bantam cochin rooster named Bluejean.


Practice Manager

I have an Associates Degree in Animal Science and have been in the veterinary industry for over 25 years. I am a mother of 3 grown human children (Skylar, Angelina and Ariana) and 4 feline children (Smokey, Pirate, Jessica and Ducky). I started as a kennel technician when I was 13 and have worked in every department since, including Veterinary Nurse, Lab, Surgery, Pharmacy, CSR, Veterinary Emergency Nurse and now Management. I love to play video games, dance, watch movies and travel. I have worked in several different animal hospitals over the years and Stevens Animal Hospital has been the best by far and I hope to be with them for a long time to come. 

Dr. Glenn Zeitz, VMD

Full time Veterinarian

Dr. Glenn Zeitz was born and raised in Philadelphia and received his VMD from the University of Pennsylvania, and has been practicing veterinary medicine for the past 45 years.

His favorite part of veterinary medicine is client communication for better pet care. 

When not working at Stevens Animal Hospital, he enjoys playing golf, cooking, working out and relaxing with his toy poodle by his side.

Dr. Caroline Vigo Vigo, DVM

Full time Veterinarian

Originally from Mayaguez, Puerto Rico. She received her B.S. in Animal Science from Colorado State University, Fort Collins in 2014. She went on to earn her DVM from Ross University School of Veterinary Medicine, St. Kitts & Nevis in 2017.

While completing her clinical year at LSU, Dr. Vigo took a special interest in surgical procedures, internal medicine and dentistry.

When she is not working  at Stevens Animal Hospital, she likes to go to the beach, travel to new places, spend time with family & friends and most importantly, her two Morkies, Beards and Mustache.


Pet Groomer

As a kid in Brazil I had dogs chickens, ducks, goats… when the dogs had puppies we used to keep all of them…  we had many but I have many more nowadays, more than 200, all pups I groom become a little bit mine, and I love all of them deeply! Oh, and as a hobby I go the dog shelters to groom them so they can find a new family quicker. Many families were “adopted” so far!I graduated at Marryfield School of Pet Grooming.


Lead Customer Service Representative

Originally from Boston Massachusetts, I've been living in sunny Florida since 1995. Having over 20+ years experience in the Customer service industry  I'm currently enjoying all the excitement, energy & compassion that working at Stevens Animal Hospital has to offer to both their patients as well as their clients. Every day brings new challenges as well as having its rewards but it's putting the time in to make the difference that matters most. I  try to convey that message every day to my teenage children and if anyone has any complaints our rescue dog Coco is always ready to listen, as long as it comes with a good belly rub.


Customer Service Representative


Customer Service Representative


Customer Service Representative


Lead Veterinary Technician

Veronica grew up around many different kinds of animals in various parts of the United States. She grew up breeding and showing great danes . She also owned and showed horses and competed barrel racing and in English hunter jumper. She knew she had a passion for the veterinary field at 15 years old after delivering her mom's great dane puppies after complications arose. She graduated with a certificate as a veterinary technician in 2001 from Pima Medical Institute in Mesa, Arizona. Her favorite aspect of the field is surgery and she also loves internal medicine and educating clients.  She has a wonderful husband, and they have a toy poodle named Annabelle, a cockapoo named Maggie, a Chihuahua mix named Pablo, a morkie named Chancho, an African gray parrot named Rika and three cats Hobbs, Magick and Leo. She has been working with Dr Mark and Dr Chris for over a decade. 


Veterinary Technician and Surgery Technician

I am from Brazil and have been living in South Florida for the past 21 years. I have been a Vet Tech a for 15 years and Surgery Tech for 10 years, I have three dogs named Kika ,Lucky and Buddy. Things I love to do besides working with furry babies are hot yoga, scuba diving, snowboarding and travel around the world.Working in the Veterinary field is my biggest passion, knowing I can make a difference for the animals makes my heart filled with joy.


Veterinary Technician

Originally born in Portland, raised in New Jersey where my love and empathy towards animals began. I definitely inherited this love and passion from seeing and working for my father, a veterinarian and owner of small animal practice in NJ, where I started working in 2009. After several years in 2012, I relocated to South Florida where I’ve continued to improve my skills as a veterinary technician. I became a new father in January of 2022 and am loving every minute of it. When I’m not working I love spending time with my family and enjoy playing golf, basketball, guitar and other instruments. 


Veterinary Technician

Rachel Rosson is a vet technician and has enjoyed the veterinary field for over 12 years. Paco, her chihuahua, joins her for most outings. She likes to grab drinks with friends, outdoor activities, sporting events and live music. 


Veterinary Technician & Pharmacy/Lab Technician

I have been in the veterinary field for about 10 years now.  I love the work and I really love animals.  I was a dog handler for about 5 years before I got into the medical side and that job was what got me interested in being a vet tech.  I’ve had dogs my whole life and couple of years ago adopted a rescue cat.  I love being able to help a dog or a cat that comes in not feeling well and we are able to diagnose and treat that animal.  When I call the owner a few days after the visit and the pet is and doing so much better, there is no greater feeling.


Veterinary Technician

I’m new to the vet tech field, but I love animals and I’m excited to learn. I’m 23, born and raised in Lighthouse Point. I have 3 pets, my dog Summer and my cats Pumpkin and Lily. I’m finishing up school at Emory University in Atlanta, my goal is to one day become a Vet! 


Veterinary Technician

I’ve was born and raised in South Florida, but love cold mountain air. When I’m not at work, I enjoy quiet days reading Tolkien, playing music or developing my newfound craft hobbies. I share my life with my husband, my Schnoodle named Crisis and my cats: Whiskey and Guinness. 

When I am at work, I strive to live up to a simple truth I’ve learned in my ten years in the veterinary industry: medicine will do what it does, but love heals in its own way. 


Veterinary Technician


Veterinary Technician

I was born and raised in Broward county. I always loved animals and always knew I would be in the field of helping dogs and cats. I have been at stevens animal hospital for a year now and having a great experience. I love to go to hockey games and the beach. When I’m not working I love to dogsit my 3 favorite dogs, Athena, Mocha and Drizzy. I also had 3 beautiful doggies of my own Santino, Copper and Loretta.


Kennel Technician

Kyle Stevens is the son of Drs. Mark and Chris. He worked with rescue farm animals for several years and ended up with a pet rooster named Blu Jean. He was in college for a year and is now back home working in the family business part time and landscaping part time. He really enjoys taking care of all of the pets that are at the hospital for boarding and grooming. He also has a passion for everything Elvis, including the hair style! He loves working out, exercising, and everything outdoors.


Kennel Technician


Kennel Technician